Music is an ideal tool for awakening our most delicate and noblest feelings. When music is used together with meditation, our consciousness is raised up to a higher plane, where we can experience love, peace and harmony. This requires us to be able to focus on the different chakras, and to maintain this focus in our minds without interruption, so that concentration is not lost. Interest must be maintained throughout; empathy must be deep and submission alive.

When we use music and meditation as tools, we can open the individual centres by visualising them. Visualisation means to convert into picture form. This is all to do with our sense perception, as seen on our canvas of consciousness, without the use of the physical senses. We can generate different visual perceptions, such as the location of the centres in the body, light and colour, inner sound, vibrations and streams.

If it is our wish to encounter the psychic centres and experience the energies, we can concentrate on the individual centres, one by one, and visualise the areas in the body from whence they emanate as described under the individual centres.